Angela Jensen provides a wide array of services from invidivual phone sessions to groups and events. Her delicate approach to readings will make you feel at ease and as though you have known each other your whole lives.


Angela is internationally renowned and does group and one-to-one phone/video chat readings with clients all over the world. 

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Phone Readings

One-on-one phone readings are a great introduction to Angela's power, she will spend as little or as much time as you need to help you with anything you may be going through.

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One-on-One Reading

Angela travels all around the UK for readings but mainly conducts them in London. Come for a very special one-on-one reading or healing in person.

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Group Event or Reading

What better way to bring light to an event or party than to bring the woman that exudes it? Angela is available for group readings or events to help you or your guests through difficult situations or to speak to loved ones.

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To book any one of these readings please go to our "contact" page and fill out the form or call 07961 092218 .


By agreeing to use the services Angela Jensen Psychic Medium, you agree that you have read and understood that all information is subject to the service recipent's interpretation.

Angela Jensen will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipents based on information provided during readings. These readings are for entertainment purposes only. All information and/or advice given to you by Angela Jensen should not take place of any medical, legal or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional. All sessions by Angela Jensen Psychic Medium are not a substitute for medical, legal or financial advice.

You must be 18 years or older to book a session.