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What do they say?

Now taking appointments with one of Angela's Angels, Tinkerbell. She is highly recommended and very gifted in her craft, with her natural talent being refined by Angela herself to provide the utmost care when reading the cards.
"I've recently had the pleasure of being guided by the amazing angel Tinkerbell. Thank you so so so much for your wonderful recommendation.
What a true angel she really is! I cannot recommend her enough - [she] is absolutely spot on!'
- Neil MacInnes (Cardiff)

spiritual enhancement courses this autumn

with Angela

From November, Angela Jensen will be doing courses on enhancing the natural gift within yourself using the cards, spiritualism and mediumship.

Spaces are limited for the courses to ensure the maximum amount of 1-on-1 guidance as each persons gifts and abilities are individual. 


Bookings will begin the last week of October, if you wish to enquire please sign up to the mailing list below or text +44 (0)7961092218.


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing laws, courses are limited to 8 people at the minute but will grow as restrictions are lifted.


The London Dungeon hosts exclusive Séance in the capital’s historic County Hall to celebrate 45 years 


Friday 17th May 2019:  The London Dungeon is celebrating 45 years of living and breathing London’s darkest history this year and to commemorate, the attraction held an exclusive Séance in its historic County Hall headquarters last night.

Trance medium, Angela Jensen, took 20 guests and plunged them deep inside the nefarious history of the London attraction in an attempt to contact the spirits of its most infamous characters - including Guy Fawkes, Anne Boleyn and renowned Victorian medium, Agnes Guppy.


Despite moving from its iconic Tooley Street location in London Bridge, it seems that the spirits also moved with it, with many unexplained experiences experienced by both staff and guests in the Dungeon.

 During the Séance, Angela felt the energy of many spirits that reside within County Hall and bought their stories to life. Many guests reported either extreme temperature drops or increases, attributed to the spirits present.

Angela communicated with the spiritual residents of the London Dungeon, as well as communicating with key historical figures including Guy Fawkes and Victorian medium Agnes Guppy.

Angela was also contacted by various prisoners of the infamous Newgate Prison, home to criminals convicted of many heinous crimes. Guests were startled as Angela retold their harrowing experiences of poor treatment by guards and sympathised with those who were hanged without receiving a fair trial for their crimes.

Messages also revealed that the Great Fire of London may have been caused to stop the plague spreading and was a way to ensure Londoners were able to rebuild their homes to become a bigger and better city.

Trance medium Angela Jensen said “There is a strong dark spiritual presence in the London Dungeon, which comes with the territory when portraying stories from London’s dark past. Their energies travel through time and they continue to reside in the building, especially the spirits of children and the old lady who stands at the entrance. Despite being uprooted from a previous location, the spirits have travelled to County Hall where they choose to stay as they feel as if this is their home. They only leave when they’re ready, but they like it here.”

The supernatural occurrences of last night are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the attraction’s paranormal history. Since it’s 1974 opening on Tooley Street, staff from the London Dungeon have experienced several spine-tingling sightings that they will never forget.

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