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"The most beautiful gift you can give to someone is your time, your attention and your love."

- Angela Jensen

She has worked for Psychic today TV ; the mind body and soul show and she is also  listed in Americas top 100 magazine. 


Angela is a natural 3rd generation psychic medium and trance medium-sensitive clairvoyant, it has been with her all her life. She is also a healer of both physical and psychological ailments. 


She would pick up on peoples problems and sensitivities from an early age, as her abilities grew she began reading and helping them without knowing the full power that was inside of her. Clairvoyantly she has always been drawn to the psychic world of readings and anything spiritual knowing this was her calling...

  • Clairsentience - to perceive information by feeling within the whole body


  • Clairaudience - the power to hear sounds, said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experiences or capacity as the voices of passed souls to speak or hear psychically to ourselves,spirit guides or other people.


  • Clairaudient (clear audio hearing) - to perceive sounds or words from sources broadcasting from a spiritual or ethereal realms.



She hears what they are saying in thought form messages, this is a form of channeling.


She also hears spirits talking or singing in her head, yet there is no auditory sounds.

Through these various forms of communication she is able to verbalise what her angels/spirits are telling her and best help you with any 

Tarot Readings

Now offering Tarot card and crystal readings to open up your future in different ways.
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